6.31 am.

My email to JeffOoi and Rocky Bru which said “I am worried for both of you. Please take care” - received a quick reply from Jeff, who replied saying “Thanks, we shall prevail“.

[update] On January 14, Rocky replied my email, saying “We are still kicking“.

Both these top guns in our blogsphere are neither admitting nor denying their predicament. So we shall hold our breath and keep our fingers crossed.

4.51 am.

I got wind that one of my favourite bloggers kickdefella (responsible for so many artistic and witty poster creations) have been “threatened” some time ago to withdraw his in-famous art-works to please the powers that be. He later re-blogged them in another blog kickdefella return of the prodigal son. However, yesterday he pulled them out again when he heard that two other famous bloggers jeff ooi and rocky bru received letters from a lawyer’s firm (yet to be confirmed) regarding their articles on the NST.

Kickdefella’s message to all bloggers isposted herewhile some info on rocky and jeff are here. Merdeka review also has a story on them here.

Seeing all this, I quickly shotkickdefella an email of concern; and was happy (but sad) at the same time to receive his reply. I asked him if he were “threatened”.

I got pretty panic as this is going to be the third time I will have to face such intimidation. I got really fed up and not sure I am going to be third time lucky.… I used to just lie low and face it alone,” he said.


Iam really tired of all this. But I will face it. Even during the new year holiday I was worried of you as you do not publish any new articles on In-Human Right. Are we becoming paranoid?” he added, in an email.

Susan, please take a good care of yourself okay. We all must keep updating each other as we do not want any of us (to)dissappear without trace“.

Sheih a.ka. kickdefella, I am with you, as all other bloggers out there too, I am sure. This should not and must not deter us. “Do what is best for Malaysia,” kickdefella had said.

The climate of fear is definitely spreading far and wide but I hope we will not be discouraged. This remains the only weapon they have against us – FEAR.

Do we fight back or do we cow down?

The destiny of the TRUTH and the future of FREEDOM is in our hands.

Be brave, be strong. We live in interesting but dangerous times.

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  1. bayi says:

    So the ante for the game has been raised. Things will get even more interesting now.

  2. Ucop says:

    Thanks for the write-up on “The Poster Boy”. As one of his die-hard fan, I am sad to hear this. Reading all his posting since last year, he sound like a lone ranger. Nobody knows him. I’m sad with what happened to Rocky and Jeff, but they are the big-fella. They have strong foundation. Years of experience. Futhermore, being intimidate whole their live.
    Again, people like Kickdefella and other small blogers are much easier to succum to intimidation. What going to happen if some crazy one do an Altantuya to those small but irritating one?
    I heard from the industry, SIL are pushing FINAS and KEKWA to act against Kickdefella. I also heard that all his television and drama works are already being banned from local network? What happen to his rice pot. The PM are more interested in his SIL rice pot. I haven’t seen his work on TV anymore.
    Did you know he do some acting? Yes he acted as a kinky Datuk in Earl Grey & Kopi Kampung with Deanna Yusof. He is a really funny guy… but always tackle serious issues. Worth watching, its still tickle me watching the movie on ntv7.
    And, you too, please take care. I’m too worried about you. Your write-ups on Altantunya are great stuff. Factual and full of substance. However, as much as I love to read more about her, I have to say I love you more.
    But again, if not you, who else willing to do it?

  3. zorro says:

    This is the time for all of us to unite (bloggers and commentators) and put our shoulders behind these brave people who fearlessly give us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. These selfless people are our only hope. Susan, you take good care of yourself too.

  4. stay strong too susie 😀 tks for the update.

  5. Maverick SM says:

    The are the best and had given us timely and updated news while the main media gave us craps and ….shit

  6. wits0 says:

    “…the main media gave us craps and .shit”

    Yes Mav, have known that for a very very long time. The voice of self-serving cahoots. The Star, e.g., shines not again – even with the departure of the likes of that turnaround VK Chin.

    The role of the Bolehland MSM is simply to stupify readers for the gomen’s easy governance and enrich themselves with lucrative ads that, more often than not, plays plenty on expensive products beyond our normal means.

  7. hasilox says:

    Elected government behaves worst than a communist government.

    WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Just look at Saddam & his gang, the ‘terrorists’ must pay for their sins eventually.

    Long live bloggers & long live Msia!

  8. lucia says:

    ssd to learn of this. we can’t voice our personal opinion now without fear. nevertheless, let’s keep blogging on and on.

    keep up the good work with your ‘human rights’ blogging, susan. (btw, we share something in common – both are penangite catholics).

  9. mob1900 says:

    The more ‘initiative’ they have to silence Bloggers the more ppl are gonne realised Bedol’s facade coalition is a mere Fascist horde trying to suppress opinions and thoughts.

  10. bayi says:

    It is always the darkest before dawn, so it goes. Chins up, everybody!

  11. wits0 says:

    “Patriotism”, it has been described, is the last refuge of scoundrels. Behind that faux version is of course mind control, no less.

    Mind control is far less possible in an Information Age. It’s time is over but that won’t stop scoundrels from clinging to the Past.

  12. lubokmelayu says:

    there are three individuals threatening to sue your friends jeff and rocky have also threatened to sue the BBC over an article touching one them (the individuals). kickdefella is being threatened with legal action by another body representing hololywood not related to the individuals. what link these individuals and hollywood body is the legal firm representing them against the bloggers.

    i know all the individuals involved as well as the 3 bloggers. if this is a fair contest of integrity, wits, and credibility, our 3 blogger friends will find it a stroll in the park. but the 3 individuals they have to contend with are using their organisation as a shield. the organisation’s resources are formidable. they are also well connected with the government of the day (and we all know our 3 bloggers have been a pain in the spineless back of the abdullah administration).

    jeff, kickdefella and rocky will need a lot of support, financial as well as moral, to defend our freedom of expression, our integrity, our rights. and i have a feeling they are going to get it!

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