Article on Altantuya shed new light on the case.

There are two articles from NGO friends in Mongolia today on the murder of Altantuya Shariibuu.

Thanks to Ariuna, from the Centre of Human Rights & Development, in Ulanbataar.

“In relation to the?coming Malaysian court session on murder of Altantuya?on December 14, 2006, we, Mongolian civil soceity organizations call?(see below)?for organizations and individuals who struggle for human rights and justice to pay attention to this case.?As?to see that the Malaysian court has released Mr. Baginda on bail, and Malaysian press coverages are highly negative about?the victim,?the victim’s family and Mongolian human rights organizations and activists are worried about if the?December 14th will?bring?justice.? Could you please circulate as wider as?possible this call and?together with attached letter to Malaysian Government and article on Altantuya case. Hoping for your support”.

Ariuna also forwarded an article by Undarya Tumursukh, written on 9 December, Ulanbataar:

Mongolians Demand Justice from the Malaysian Court ?
Undarya said that evidence strongly suggests?that Altantuya’s ?murder was planned well ahead of her arrival in Malaysia on October 6, 2006, and performed by highly trained officers from the ministerial security detail by the order of a licensed weapons dealer and high-level political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda and/or his accomplices. Although Mr. Baginda had been arrested by the Malaysian police upon charges of commissioning the murder of Ms. Altantuya along with the 2 security officers and a woman corporal implicated in the crime, he has been released on bail by the Malaysian court until he is tried for commissioning the murder on December 14, 2006. ? Due to his release and the intensive defamation campaign launched by the Malaysian media against the victim, the victim?s family and Mongolian human rights activists are deeply concerned that the Malaysian Court, scheduled for December 14, 2006, may not proceed justly and impartially. Mongolian civil society organizations have therefore launched an urgent action to demand that the Malaysian Government ensure that the court brings to justice those responsible for Ms. Altantuya?s murder and ensures that her 2 young sons are duly compensated for the psychological damage they have suffered and the loss of their sole breadwinner.??

Ante Factum:? Sh. Altantuya, a beautiful young woman, a single mother of a 9-year old and a 3-year old, the eldest of two daughters of a university professor Mr. Shaariibuu and a Russian language teacher Ms. Altantsetseg, had impressive multilingual capacity. She was fluent in Russian, English, and Chinese and had a basic command of Korean and Japanese languages. She had worked hard and traveled extensively as a multilingual interpreter and translator, providing for her two sons and earning for the expensive medical treatment for her youngest son. ? At the birth of her youngest son, many were skeptical about his ability to survive and develop into a self-sufficient person. However, due to Altantuya?s unrelenting dedication, the boy that was unable to move his limbs and make intelligible sounds, is now able to walk, freely use his hands and speak clearly. He demonstrates remarkable lucidity and excellent memory but his condition is still unstable and the boy continues to require regular therapy and two more trips to Beijing for expensive medical treatment. It is not only the boy?s motor functions but also his very life that depends on continued medical treatment.???????? Altantuya, young but tenacious, persevered to sharpen her skills and had achieved significant success in building her career as a professional translator and interpreter. As uncovered by her family after her death, Altantuya was repeatedly hired by Mr. Abdul Razak Baginda to interpret at various meetings and high-level business negotiations including ones on weapons trade. Moreover, there is clear evidence that Mr. Baginda had made a business proposition to Altantuya in July, 2005, and sent samples of three types of soap with accompanying documents and had requested the young woman to explore prices for comparable products on the Mongolian market.? ? In October, 2006, Altantuya informed her parents she was going on a business trip to Malaysia and left in the company of another Mongolian woman. The father reported that the main purpose of her trip to Malaysia was to demand that Mr. Baginda settle the payment for her services. Immediately upon her arrival in Malaysia on October 6, 2006, Ms. Altantuya began her search for Mr. Baginda and repeatedly attempted to contact him. Her attempts had been unsuccessful until October 19, 2006, when Mr. Baginda himself suddenly phoned her and arranged to meet with her at his residence on the same day. Ms. Altantuya disappeared after departing to meet with Mr. Baginda. Her companion promptly notified the Malaysian police and her family in Mongolia.? Post Factum:?

On November 11, 2006, the Malaysian police uncovered bone fragments of a detonated woman?s body from a jungle clearing outside of Kuala Lumpur. The fragments were identified as Ms. Altantuya?s based on a DNA analysis that used her mother?s blood sample, brought from Mongolia by her father Mr. Shaariibuu. ?

The Malaysian police investigations led to the arrest of two highly trained ministerial security officers, a woman corporal and Mr. Baginda. The victim?s Mongolian-made earrings and other personal items were found at the homes of the security officers. The police maintain that Ms. Altantuya was kidnapped by the security officers and the woman corporal at the moment she arrived at the residence of Mr. Baginda, taken to the pre-selected location, shot twice in her head, stripped to skin and detonated with explosives attached to her body. It was also established that the record of her entrance into Malaysia on October 6, 2006, was erased from the Malaysian border control database, further pointing to high-level involvement in and careful preparation for the murder. ?

On November 23, 2006, the Malaysian court ruled to release Mr. Baginda on bail despite the gravity of the charge against him. Mr. Shaariibuu, who sat through the court session along with the defense attorney Darshan Singh Khaira, stated that the court primarily focused on praising the respectability of Mr. Baginda and his family and showed no concern for the fate of the victim and her bereaved family.?

The case received much media attention in both Malaysia and Mongolia. However, media reports overwhelmingly focused on the identity of the young woman, her marital history and lifestyle and sought to portray the victim as a poorly educated, frivolous and opportunistic free lance model who came to Malaysia to extort money from Mr. Baginda. Some sources have even denied that the victim had any business association with Mr. Baginda. These media accounts not only lacked any compassion for the victim and her family, or any understanding of and respect for the fundamental human right to life and dignity, but were also biased, inaccurate or downright false. Some Malaysian journalists traveled to Mongolia to collect interviews and reportedly paid the Mongolian newspaper Zindaa to help in the defamation campaign against the victim. Zindaa newspaper has indeed been particularly active in publishing negative stories about the victim. ?

The Malaysian Court is scheduled for December 14, 2006, but there is little confidence on the part of the victim?s family and concerned Mongolian people that the court shall stand by truth, justice and fundamental principles of human rights. The likelihood seems high that the Malaysian court shall allow those who ordered the crime escape justice while scapegoating the physical performers of the murder and fail to provide for adequate compensation to the victim?s children. ?

Need to Act:?

The Mongolian State, bound by the constitution to protect the rights of its citizens inside and outside national borders, has been conspicuously silent. Altantuya?s case is not the first or the only one when a Mongolian citizen?s fundamental right to life was brutally violated in a foreign country. There are reportedly 120 thousand Mongolians living and working abroad, some legally and many illegally. The overwhelming majority of them are essentially outside of the Mongolian state?s protection and care, which makes them extremely vulnerable to violence, exploitation and humiliation. Moreover, during the course of searching for his daughter, Mr. Shaariibuu discovered that there are some 20 Mongolian women held in pre-detention and detention centers in Malaysia. He stated that these are the lucky ones who were able to somehow escape their captors while the more unfortunate ones are still exploited for hard labour, sexual industry, or have had their body organs sold. Building the capacity and the political will of the Mongolian state institutions to respond effectively and efficiently to violations of human rights of Mongolian citizens abroad has therefore long become an urgent issue.? ?

Due to consistent efforts of Altantuya?s father and support from human rights NGOs and activists demanding decisive action on the part of the Mongolian state, some improvements have come about. Thus, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has resolved to send an official representative to observe the December 14th court session. Moreover, Mongolian media has recently begun to address this case as a human rights violation that has broader significance for a large number of Mongolians who themselves or whose relatives work abroad. Consequently, media has begun to address some of the legal, institutional and political deficiencies due to which the Mongolian state has been unable to effectively protect its citizens. ?

The coalition of human rights, women?s rights and children?s rights NGOs and activists is further demanding that the Mongolian state provide financial support to send an experienced Mongolian lawyer to monitor the December 14th court session and take other measures to ensure the Malaysian court brings the guilty to justice and provides for adequate compensation to the victim?s children. The coalition has also addressed the Malaysian Government and Court demanding that they stand firmly for truth and justice. Furthermore, the NGOs and activists are calling onto the international community to help Mongolians to effectively monitor Malaysian court proceedings and pressure the Malaysian Government to fulfill its obligations under international human rights treaties. Mongolians demand and hope that December 14 th becomes a Day of Justice, Truth and Humanity.?

Below is the letter to the Malaysian Government:



On October 19, 2006, Ms. Shaariibuugiin ALTANTUYA, a 28-year old Mongolian citizen, was brutally murdered in your country. This grave crime constitutes an outrageous violation of the basic human rights to life and bodily integrity enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which all member states of the United Nations have agreed to uphold. This atrocious crime can not be justified or pardoned under any circumstances. ?

We, the representatives of the Mongolian public, decisively condemn this egregious violation of the human right to life and state the following:


1. We maintain that this brutal murder of Sh. Altantuya was a carefully pre-planned, commissioned assassination.

2. We strongly condemn the attempts that have been made to blame the victim as contrary to the basic norms of justice and humanity and maintain that there can be absolutely no excuses for such unspeakable brutality. We demand that the court to be held on December 14, 2006, proceed in an honest and impartial manner and stand firmly for truth and justice, and we shall carefully observe the court process on this date.?

3.?As it was established that the murder was committed by highly trained officers of the Malaysian state security corps, we demand that the Malaysian state assume full responsibility for the payment of compensation for all material and nonmaterial damage incurred by the crime.

4. As the brutal murder of the Mongolian citizen took place in your country?s territory and was committed by your country?s citizens, orphaning two young children, we demand that the Malaysian Government provide compensation for the loss of the breadwinner to the victim?s children, including support for the eldest son until he reaches adulthood and support for living and medical treatment costs for the youngest son for the duration of his lifetime, in compliance with the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power adopted by the General Assembly Resolution No. 40/34 in 1985.??

?Developments in Malaysia to date have made us concerned that the real criminals who ordered the crime may escape justice while the physical performers of the crime become scapegoats. Those who commissioned the abhorrent murder of Sh. Atantuya and their accomplices must not remain outside of the just court of the humankind. Therefore, the Mongolian public and Mongolian human rights organizations are waiting to attentively watch the Malaysian court proceedings.??

We respect the people and the Government of Malaysia. We do not doubt that the just public of Malaysia and Malaysian human rights activists shall support our just demand. ?

We hope and believe that the Malaysian Government shall duly acknowledge and support our legitimate struggle and demand, which are based on the principle stated in the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that ? Every human being has the inherent right to life?No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life.?? ?
We believe Truth and Justice shall prevail!

By: Organizations and individuals in the Coalition of Human Rights, Women?s Rights and Children?s Rights NGOs and Citizens in Mongolia.

  1. Mongolian Women?s NGOs? National Network
  2. Mongolian Volunteer Organizations? network
  3. őЀҭ network
  4. National Center Against Violence
  5. Citizens? Alliance Center
  6. Sustainbale Development and Gender center?
  7. Pure Intention Women?s NGO
  8. Gal Golomt Movement
  9. Youth development Foundation
  10. Image association
  11. Women writers? Tsagtsai association
  12. Rural Women?s Development Foundation
  13. Iveel association
  14. Center Human Right Development?
  15. Creative women?s association
  16. Ulaanbaatar city?s Women?s consul
  17. Princess center
  18. Women and social progress association
  19. Mongolian Democratic Socialist Association
  20. Mongolian Nature and Women?s association
  21. Protecting citizens from Drug and Alcohol association??
  22. Urban ger districts? development foundation
  23. Woman caption foundation
  24. Mongolian businesswomen?s association
  25. Mongolian women?s lawyers association
  26. Liberal Women?s Intellectual Foundation
  27. Democratic women?s association
  28. High educated women?s association?
  29. Ladies XXI century
  30. Child and women?s development center
  31. Motherland, family and women?s association?
  32. Women?s justice association
  33. Green Gold
  34. Disability citizens? right center
  35. Mongolian Scout NGO?
  36. Gender equal right center
  37. Mongolian women scout association
  38. Equal way center?
  39. ?Youth mind?? Foundation
  40. Mongolian child development and protection association?
  41. Preventing and protecting child from violence?
  42. Mongolian professional social worker?s association
  43. Child welfare and service ?Gerelt? center
  44. Development Nisora foundation
  45. One world- adolescent center?
  46. Mongolian Youth Development Foundation



13 responses »

  1. Masitah Ahmad says:

    Hii Susan,

    Thank u for the info about the other side story of late Altantuya. I’m a reporter working with foreign agency in KL and followed the case from the starts.

    Can we change information about the case and please reply to my email. Thank you very much and regards from KL!

  2. mongolian says:

    The real criminals who ordered the crime will escape justice while the physical performers of the crime become scapegoats– this is precisely what will happen in the trial starting Jan 5, 2007. Power and Money can do anything, especially so in Malaysia. However, beware of the Greek saying: “Those whom the Gods want to destroy, they first made mad with Power.”

  3. anjang says:

    Knowing the malaysia’s style of prosecution, Razak will be escaped from the gallow. Money can do wonder. Razak was charged under 302 Panel Code which is serious crime, but he was bailed. Why ?????

  4. labi365 says:

    it was a tremendous grive to the family of the late altantuya and also to all humankind because it was such a very brutal murder case.I hope the malaysian court will make its judgement without fear or favour.

  5. mikewang says:

    Reminded me of the scene in the movie where Oliver asked for more ….. and all hell broke loose. 🙂

  6. bljohan says:


  7. aef ser says:

    msian journalist certainly have no courage to ask the Q cause they’ll lose their job and even worse they’ll end up to ISA. It is hard when you live in a ‘democratic’ acclaimed country yet the ruling party has fully control your mainstream media.

  8. jack says:

    Outcome of trial is known.What is hapening now is a drama.Dont get excited . Justice is just an illusion .Get real man .You are having a trial in Malaysia

  9. Cochise says:

    Hell is right here on earth. God has upgraded to carrying out punishments while in living. Meantime, if justice does not prevail, the family of the late Altantuya should seek justice in the international front. The only that is probably siding Altantuya is the fact that she is a foreigner. If she was a Malaysian, the case would have been closed by now and probably a poor illegal immigrant will be in the gallows !

  10. Insider says:

    Baginda will go free!! He smiles everyday in court because he knows the person who is the master mind of all this is going to get him out. Remember who Baginda is working for!!! and who his boss is currently in the government and will be in the future…..the next prime minister!!

  11. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Why is it not considered that there is the possibility of her being raped; especially in the latest news today; she was blown up naked. I’ve spoken to Women’s Aid Organization on this possibility but their usual reply; they’ve limited manpower to follow up on Altantuya’s case. The same argument that WAO used when I asked them to join me in a protest that I hold at the Shah Alam’s Court because I was so enraged when I saw the criminals’ family were protesting; how come this was allowed? (looks like VIP criminals can do whatever they want including holding public protests!)Further, I wanted to show that Malaysian women and many at that are behind Altantuya and her family rather than those barbaric criminals despite that they claim that it should be so since they are Malaysians! To WAO, I say this – get yourself bravely to court! This case is very fundamental for all women in Malaysia, Mongolia and elsewhere because it shows the barbarity of the Malaysian police force who easily misabuse their power and some are murderers and rapists themselves; and the justice system that allows criminals to drag on the case for so long because they are VIP or are govt. officials!

  12. zorop says:

    hi susan, appropriate slogan (may the truth save us all) for this topic in particular. it does not matter what you and i believe in. powers are normally being abused inevitably for convinience sake. the recent malaysian election clearly shows the politicians don’t know how to govern and it is even more doubtful whether the newly formed state government like penang knows how to handle their crown above their heads let alone managing humans! it is a sad state of affairs amidst jubilance. i am a reader from singapore and i chanced onto this blog through jeffooi’s. go on susan. probe this case however helpless and may you see some fruition to your slogan. keep me posted.

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