How ironical. It’s 16 days of activismagainst gender violence(fron Nov 29 to Dec 10) but this week alone women who either live in or visit my country have been bashed in all directions;

1. My Muslims sisters will be fined RM500 for “sexy dressing“in the Northern State of Kelantan. The state is ruled by an Islamic-based party called PAS.

2. A Mongolian female visitor – Altantuya Shariibuu – to Malaysia was shot execution style and blown up into pieces, her alleged murderer is released on bail without having to pay a single cent; Mongolian activists are demanding for her justice;

3.Somewhere, in the highest court of the land - the Parliament – someonesuggested that foreign sex workers – 5,783 were arrested in 2004, 6.484 in 2005 and 3,245 in the first six months of the year- be whipped as aform of punishment. These women mostly come from China, Indonesia and Thailand. The suggestioncame from Sri Gading MP Mohamed Aziz, who is no stranger to controversy, but for all the wrong reasons. No one mentioned about men who frequent brothels? Shouldn’t they be flogged in public?

4. Many women and children suffered in Kampung Berembang, whenthe Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ), backed by Rela, the police and the Federal Reserve Unit, moved in to demolish houses in the village on three occasions – Nov 17, 20 and 30.

5. Women are sidelined again at the 2 day conference themed “Shaping Public Opinion in a Changing Media Environment” organised by The Asian Institute for Development Communications, a KL-based NGO affiliated to the United Nations. All the media practitioners who presented papers were male.

6. Pictures of a woman senator was posted on the blog of an opposition MP, for what he claims to be an exposure ofhypocrisy; but is this necessary?It showed a woman with her head on the man’s chest…

7. A 69 year old widow and her five children went through the ordeal of claiming back the body of her husband (and the children’s father) when the “body snatchers” came for him. This is the story of a Muslim convert who later reverted back to his original religion.

The list goes on …


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  1. Sandy D. says:

    Susan, I’d like to include this post in the next Carnival of Feminists (for more info., see here: ).

  2. susan loone says:

    sure sandy….i am impressed with the carnival of feminists! keep up the good work!

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