What do you do when you are working class girl, bored and disillusioned? When you live with a brother who has recently found God, and is fanatically Christian? When a man treats you like dirt and makes you feel as if the entire human race sucks? Then you meet a girl-woman who is beautiful, bold, rich, smart and spoilt. She makes you feel fantastic, showers you with gifts and fights for you. What do you do? You fall in love!

Saw this movie in Bangkok last week. “My summer of love“. Story by Helen Cross, directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. Released 2005.

Pleasantly superb. A movie about lesbian love, escapism and coping with life. No censorship. Features two brilliant screen artistes – Natalie Press and Emily Blunt – as Mona and Tasmin, who met and fell in love, during summer in Yorkshire.�In the movie, Mona seem more honest, yet vulnerable. Tasmin, highly intelligent, but disturbing, for she dabbles in occult “spirit of the coin”, sees her “dead sister’s shadow” lurking in her eerie, old mansion, and seduces a preacher only to laugh sinisterly at him.

There are some terrific scenes – Mona simulating sex with her married ex-boyfriend for Tamsin (�Do you want to be shagged by Ricky?�); and after all that make believe thumping and bumping, groaning and moaning, Tasmin asks�with disinterest�”is that all?”. Then there is the girls smashing a car window and running away, Tasmin turning up at Mona’s ex-boyfriend’s house, confronting his wife and telling her off about her unfaithful husband, and the scene in a bar where the couple dance and kiss in the midst of many dancing senior citizens…and a slightly shocking ending scene…!

Yet, in spite of the controversies and glaring scenes, there are somethings to learn – like issues of sexuality, like how boredom can drive one to the brink of madness, like trying to cope with mess in one’s life, and how to fight back, when there is nothing left to lose. Other critics say the girls are “confused, disturbed, emotionally unstable”. Possibly a backlash by�conservatives to anything that is not in tune with their so-called morals. But I beg to differ. And I differ alot. Because the girls�seem to me like�any two living human beings who are normal, vibrant, just needing to be themselves.

I like the ending too, which many I know can’t do, no matter how bad the situation is. Yet, Mona did it, though the odds were against her.�I would certainly like to see more women in a lousy situation�taking such a decision.�And if all these fail to impress you, there are wonderful sceneries of the Moors and English country-side, very idllyic and dream-like. Some�scenes are so�hazy, it’s almost spiritual.�

Do go and watch this movie and tell me what you think. Definitely not our typical movie scene.

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