tears 1.jpg

a sincere dedication to all dictators…

“does my love for freedom terrorises you? till you keep your distance, hoping i would eventually adopt what you believe to be “a natural and logical way of life”. am i so outrageous that you fail to fanthom me? am i so bold that you cannot reach out to understand me? am i so ugly in my beliefs that you refuse to acknowledge me?

my beliefs have taught me the all important act to respect your freedom no matter what your boundaries but in my bid to do so, i am hurt. there seems to be no direction on where you are leading me to…if i respect your freedom to disrespect me, then where do i stand? if i approve your individual acts which dehumanise me, then am i worth all the revolutions?

i am afraid that in my endeavour to make you understand, i could perish, not by bullets, bombs, torture or hunger but by your indifference, your silence, your lack of faith and your arrogrance…

you really do not have to believe in me, just be human, recognise my existence, and my right to be here. i have the same right as you do. there is no difference between us, but when the curtains of justice are drawn…it is you who will stand naked before the mirror of truth…as for me – i may not always be waiting…but i’ll wait forever to see you punished…”

(picture and poem by susan loone)


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  1. Dawn S. Gabriel says:

    dear susan ,
    this is my first time in this website .
    that peace of writing shook my beliefs and also restored tham .
    it’s astounding the way people preceive all that you preach of , never in indefference ,i hope .but what you say brings down all those shields and it takes a while to rack up what could be a decent camoflage.
    that indeference is being lost in our vulnerability and not wanting to be exposed as undefined and as unlimited as we think we should be .
    i knew that the hard way.

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