i had always believed jesus to be an anarchist. especially his disdain for authority – political or religious – but this belief, considered a blasphemy,  had irked some of my friends in the catholic movement. i had posted an announcement of the movie ‘V” for Vendetta (Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel) in an e-group, and had instantly been bombarded with emails. One of the emails said :

“This is redicluous! Anarchy is not the way to go under any circustances. We may not like the present system but we have to be sensible when trying to promote an alternative”.

And so my reply was:

“Anarchy is a sensible alternative.

Read about it, not just the propaganda against it.

If you believe in freedom that is…”

His reply:

“… absolutely believe in freedom..just not the way it is defined by the current world system and definitely not the way anarchaist have defined it. i believe in Freedom as Jesus defined if and His defination has no place watsover for anarchy”.

To which I sent him this article, and had no reply ever since:

Jesus Is an Anarchist (A free-market/libertarian anarchist, that is–otherwise what is called an anarcho-capitalist.) by James Redford.

The above title may seem like strong words, for surely that can’t be correct? Jesus an anarchist? One must be joking, right? But you read correctly, and I will demonstrate exactly that. At this point you may be incredulous, but I assure you that I am quite serious. If you are a Christian and find the above title at all hard to believe then you of all people owe it to yourself to find out what the basis of this charge is, for if the above comes as news to you then you still have much to learn about Jesus and about the most vitally important struggle which has plagued mankind since the dawn of history: mankind’s continuing struggle between freedom and slavery, between value producers and the violent parasitical elite, between peace and war, between truth and deception….

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  1. RonMck says:

    I am blogging on Romans 13 at the link above.

  2. You have many friends that post in your guestbook – it is cool!

  3. nice project with good design and pictures…best wishes…;-))

  4. redLife says:

    yup. jesus christ was really an anarchist, but due to his divinity they say. and due to his intellectual ego on high, he couldn’t comprehend that men need law to govern them. jesus was just thinking soo much future pax romana.

  5. wits0 says:

    ““Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” (“Ἀπόδοτε οὖν τὰ Καίσαρος Καίσαρι καὶ τὰ τοῦ Θεοῦ τῷ Θεῷ”) (Matthew 22:21).

    This phrase has become something of an independent aphorism that expresses resignation about the inevitability of submission to authority”

    This hardly makes him an anarchist.

    He was on a Spiritual Mission and not a Revolutionary one.

    The Jews of his time, like all people of all ages have to work out their own Karma. He wasn’t about to interfere with something that is Mankind created by their actions and volitions. No Great Spiritual Leaders ever did before or since.

    Doesn’t really take a Christian to dig that Law of Nature. In fact being a conventional Christian may make it more difficult to see that transcending Reality, since the word. “Karma”, smacks of Gentile origination.

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  7. wits0 says:

    Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven(God) is within you”.

    Buddha taught that all the Realization about Reality and subsequent salvation from its unsatisfactoriness from it is attainable within this(at most) fathom length body itself.

    I don’t see the conflict. I see the usage of God as a (the highest)Concept and the dispensing of that(because of potentially built-in limitation).

  8. arch says:

    Du musst ein Fachmann sein – wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!

  9. wits0 says:

    No need to be a specialist. I’m not one.

    The Mind is all that we have ; nurture it well. Never say oneself is a freethinker(sounds so chic!) when no thinking much was done because no study were even made in the first place.

    Faith is but a tool with a grave limitation ; Realization(in stages) is what’s to work at. Study, contemplate and perhaps meditate not just listen to the cacophony of crowds.

  10. John says:

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  11. wits0 says:

    That’s nobody else’s problem.

  12. TestName says:

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  13. jentan says:

    Hello friends,

    The words of Christ wash us. They make us clean, killing Dod’s adversary within us. They are the Water of Life. They sanctify us because Christ Himself is the Life Giving Spirit. When Christ speaks to us, it leads to our inward transformation.

    All I can comment is, You need this transformation. When transformed, you will know how to love, respect and have faith in Him – one who is just and fair, and not to be condemned.

  14. jentan says:

    “The words of Christ make us clean, killing God’s adversary within us”. Please note this correction. Thank you.

  15. Marya says:

    at been home staying doing nothing. I’ve just ,

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